Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police
2017 ANNUAL MEETING, Waterloo Region
June 11 - 14, 2017





Hacienda Sarria




Charming, unique and architecturally stunning, Hacienda Sarria sits rather unassuming, nestled on a six-acre property in a central area of    
         Kitchener-Waterloo. Entrepreneur, Ron Doyle experienced the walk in Northern Spain called "The Road to Santiago de Compostela". The design and
         architecture of Hacienda Sarria was inspired by this centuries old walk. The building emulates dreams of Europoean style living combined with the simplicity of a pastoral life. The Spanish style architecture combines with the artistry and exquisite details of the ironwork, stone masonry, wooden doors and works of art - all commissioned and handcrafted by artisans and craftspeople both locally and abroad. Known for its charm and allure, celebrations and events at Hacienda Sarria will leave your guests with an awe inspired experience. Guests of weddings, meetings and special events can enjoy the Ballroom, Boardroom, Coffee house, Courtyard, Lounge, Patop and the picturesque property overall. Share all of life's meaningful moments in old world elegance.